• The Laughter Quotient and Pain Management.

    I have just completed a Research Study with a group of people who were attending a Pain Management Program at one of our major health organizations. Most of them were in chronic pain and had undergone surgery, or some other sort of invasive procedure, that hadn’t worked. They couldn’t authentically laugh. In fact they could […]

  • Laughter Connects

    We just completed our 13th Annual Laughter Conference and Joy Festival on the Gold Coast. It was similar in structure to others but ended up being like no other. The reason remains a mystery, but those who I have asked said that we connected in a way that they had never experienced before. With every Research […]

  • Breathe in first…and then, laugh it out.

    I was chatting via Skype with a doctor from a UK University this week about the Laughter Quotient. While he was interested in this new and ground breaking concept, he was concerned that I had given away the Laughter Yoga side of things. When I enquired why that could be a concern for him, he […]

  • The Laughter Quotient and Authentic Laughter.

    I was recently asked about the correlation between the Laughter Quotient and Authentic Laughter. If we use the presupposition that “Every person’s laughter is unique and is right for them, then how can a mathematical equation be used to determine someone’s authentic laugh if everyone’s is different”? The answer is easy. It can’t. But what […]

  • The Logistics and Location of the Larynx.

    The larynx houses the vocal folds and manipulates pitch and volume that is essential for making speech sounds. It is situated just below where the tract of the pharynx splits into the trachea and the oesophagus. It is also part of the respiratory system. Humans use the larynx to breathe, talk (laugh), and swallow. Its outer wall of cartilage forms the […]

  • The Body Language of Laughter.

    A look of surprise…bend the trunk…shake the head…clutch the abdomen…slap your thighs. What’s this person doing? Some sort of new age exercise program? Actually if you could hear as well as see them, you would realize that they are in fact laughing. Laughter is a whole of body experience. The Laughter Quotient was created so […]

  • Are we avoiding pain or seeking pleasure with laughter?

    As humans, we seek pleasure or wish to avoid pain. But which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is simple. It depends on where we are, at any particular point in time. For example, if we are in pain then we want it to stop. And it’s not until it does, that we […]

  • What are the benefits of the Laughter Quotient

    It’s always been said that Laughter is the Best Medicine. But it’s not actually a real medicine, because a medicine is something that’s prescribed to you by a health professional, or your mum. I’ll never forget the times when my mum would come toward me with a foreign bad tasting liquid on a tablespoon and […]

  • What is the Laughter Quotient? March 2018

    The Laughter Quotient is a mathematical equation that is The Science of Laughter. To date laughter has not officially been used as a therapy even though it is very therapeutic. The Laughter Quotient was created to be able to administer laughter in the same way as a medicine. The Laughter Quotient is focused more on […]

  • What are the Laughter Quotient Principles? April 2018

    A principle is a fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a system that governs behavior. In business, there are ten of them and they never change. But what are the principles of the Laughter Quotient and why are they important? As the Laughter Quotient is a mathematical equation and focuses on the Science […]