About Us

Hi, my name is Merv Neal. I am Australia’s leading Gelotologist and an authority on speaking, training, and facilitating workshops about laughter and in particular Laughter Yoga. In today’s high pressure society people are struggling to cope which is having a negative impact on their Emotional, Mental, and Physical health.This in turn leads to performance and productivity issues at work, as well as poor relationships at home.

According to Beyond Blue, 1 in 5 workers in Australia is experiencing a mental health condition of depression or anxiety. My experience while conducting a Research Study with Deakin University in a Kidney Dialysis Unit at Monash Health showed me that ignoring your health can have long lasting and even terminal repercussions.

I enjoy working with organisations who see that the wellbeing or their staff is a priority and obligation rather than just a business requirement. My other Research Study that I did with Deakin University and two Melbourne businesses showed that Laughter Yoga is an effective way to improve Workplace Wellbeing while reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.
Healthy People … Healthy Organisations!